Thursday, November 4, 2010

8 - Tactics

Hello to those who have come to this site through WoWInsider. Hopefully I can get my comic on the Sunday Morning Funnies list soon.

I was planning out what I was going to do with this comic for Christmas to do some kind of special comic, and after writing it and planning where in the story it would fit best I've found out that I am out about 2 comics or so. So i decided for about 2 weeks I'll try and put out 3 comics a week to even the numbers out.

I'm not sure what day I'll release the 3rd comic but I'll try and space it out evenly.

New banner for the site as well. Thought it would look good for the comic. It will be updated to show all of the characters as they are introduced into the comic, but for now it's only Lorg and Remmy.
If you want to see the finished banner you can click through on the ComicRank button on the side bar to see a small version of it. Or you can wait for it to update here.

Also, good old Frogger Boss in Naxxramas. Only killed me once when I was putting out 1k latency. I don't know how people constantly died on it.

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  1. OKkay now thats funny. I always wondered what these kinds of guys think. Makes you wonder what their quest text says...