Sunday, November 28, 2010

18 - Party Chat

New gear and new characters!
Introducing Marley, the undead rogue.

Like I said the gear isn't anything flash, but at least Remmy has a robe now. Feels a bit more magey. Unfortunatly, I have now found that the leveling armour is different post-shattering, so their armour isn't up to date now. I'll add some new stuff to their future gear, but for now they're retro.

Speaking of the Post-shattered world. I just quested in Stonetalon Mountains as horde.
The narrative there is so well told and the ending is epic with voice acting and all. The poor chieftain though, such a sad ending for him.
The emotional depth in the story at cliffwatcher post is why I play a Tauren.

This comic also sparks an update in the Banner image to include Marley in it.

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  1. Stonetalon has to have one of the best quest lines in the whole of Cata. That and punching Deathwing in the face^^