Sunday, October 31, 2010

7 - Shiny Things

I'm very guilty of this.

I just like the look of some of the low level sets you can buy. Hell, when I made a Blood Elf alt I had to send some money to him just to buy the armour right at the start. It was just so cool with the blood elf theme to it and not at all pointless in about a levels time...

Anyway, the fire effect I used in this comic is obviously not a WoW effect. The fire spell effect in the WoW Model Viewer looks like a slight red glow. Not at all fire like. So I found something reasonably more epic.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

6 - Moon Guard

So sick at the moment, lucky I had this comic pre-done otherwise I might not have had the effort.

Also just realised while uploading it that I misspelt 'guard' in the comic. Oh well.

Monday, October 25, 2010

5 - Remmy and Acorns

Now we start to see Remmy's character come out a bit. So far in writing the dialogue for this comic he's one of the most enjoyable to write for, next to another character which will be coming later on.

Also I successfully managed to forget the bird last comic while rushing to get it up, but with some stealthy photoshop you'd barely notice in terms of the story this week.

Friday, October 22, 2010

4 - RP

Sorry that this comic was delayed. The 4.0.1 patch for WoW that dropped last week messed up the WoW model viewer. I finally managed to fix it so the comics can continue as usual.

Introducing Remmy, the Troll Mage. Our first member of this party for the comic.

Also I'd like to give a reference to TotalBiscuit over at for the inspiration of the race/class combo of Remmy. When writing up all the characters I decided I had to make a Troll Mage in the comic while watching some of his videos

Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 - The Grimtotem Well

Only last comic I wondered if I'd slip up and forget to put the pet in and I've already fallen for that. Quick fix up in photoshop and he's back in there doing nothing like he does best.

This comic explores my idea that a group of mobs holds some value of community and are not just there for our own personal slaughter. If only they chose to aggro like this ingame though, giving me time to run away and chose a safer path around them.

Also, as a side it took a lot of precision killing to clear out that well on the live Wrath servers to get a clean shot for this comic.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 - A Heroes Work...

Next comic and the begininngs of plot.

I feel that this is an all too easy joke to make at WoW; all too many quests revolve around menial tasks.
It didn't feel too heroic back in vanilla to collect items for an NPC when you were max level and had played a part in a lot of the big story pieces. At least in Wrath the NPCs react to you if you have completed some important quests for them in the past as if you are a hero... before they ask you to do their menial tasks.

Also on a side note I feel that I'll slip up and forget to include the pet in a frame somewhere in the future. He doesn't really do anything but is kind of nescessary.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

1 - New Beginnings

First comic of the series.

This comic is going to take place just after the start of Cataclysm, which makes it difficult as I'm starting this in the last few months of Wrath... without a beta key. So hopefully I don't make any glaring errors before Cataclysm launches, or after for that matter.
Also I double checked videos, pictures and petopia from the beta to make sure I wasn't wrong, and yeah, tauren hunters start off with the tallstrider from Terokkar Forest in Outland. Weird. Apparently the ones back home weren't purple enough.



This comic follows the adventures and exploits of Lorgrokni, a Tauren hunter in the World of Warcraft, along with his group of friends.

First of all I know there are a lot of WoW comics out there on the internet, but I still want to write my own one and hope that some people will like it. On that topic of other WoW comics, I'd like to link to Flintlocke's guide to Azeroth:, in my opinion the best of this genre, which has been a great inspiration for me in writing this.

Something I feel the Flintlocke comic's have is a universal humour, something non-WoW players can enjoy, which I hope to aim for in Lorgrokni's comic.

I am writing this on the Blogger site as I do not own a site of my own and this was easily accessible. Hopefully the reverse scrolling of comics won't detract from it too much.

So with that all covered I present Lorgrokni's Travels through Azeroth.