Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 - Marksman

Sweet, 30th comic uploaded on the 30th of the month. Hope everyone has some good new years plans for tomorrow. I know I do.... and work at 8am on January 1st. I'll still enjoy myself despite that.

I must admit I felt like this when I started my hunter. I just wanted to shoot my bow and not worry about a pet. Luckily they brought in the wolf howl buff in Wrath which was the perfect pet for me. Don't have to worry about him at all, he'll just keep me buffed.

Friday, December 24, 2010

29 - Christmas Special 2

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wow, Largest Comic I've made so far. Hopefully the joke isn't lost to too much talking, but at least Remmy is there to poke fun at everything.

The bird is rummaging in the background through the presents and has its own little narrative in the background, but unfortunately I may have made it too small to see, unless someone tells you to specifically look for it...

Edit (26/12/10): Huh... I uploaded this comic on the 24th and made it a few days before hand. Lorgrokni's bird pet is being chased by a paper zepplin that popped out of one of the presents (I picked it at random when I went to Dalaran's toy shop).

Funny thing is that this year the in game item from the presents on Christmas day was a remote controlled zepplin. Sweet, that worked out conveniently.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Secret Santa Special - AFR

This comic is part of WoWInsiders Sunday Morning Funnies Secret Santa. Those who wrote comics that were featured on the site (who expressed interest in the idea) were shuffled around and given a random comic that they then had to write a christmas themed comic for using the other comic's characters but done in our own style.

I received Away From Reality as my secret santa, and here is my contribution.

After reading through AFR's comic and trying to work out how best to use his characters, I settled on as my inspiration and hope that I didn't wreck his character's too much :).

The Daily Blink drew my comic as their secret santa:
Love it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

28 - Christmas Special 1

This comic has largely been inspired by Cataclysm leveling, and a running my new Tauren Pallly through the christmas achievements.

Also, good old Horde christmas tree of death. The weapons hung from it can be used in the event of an invasion. Very practical.

There will be a second Christmas comic uploaded later this week on christmas eve.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

27 - The New Recruit

Next week will be two Christmas Special comics that will be uploaded on Tuesday the 21st and Friday the 24th (so that I can have the weekend free).

This plot will pick back up on Thursday December 30th and will be back to two uploads a week, as was originally planned, as Lorgrokni heads to the Barrens.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

26 - Lovable Oaf

Remmy's got Lorgrokni's back.

Just another comic to build on Marley's character and solidify that role.

This comic assumes that Lorg took the loan and went to train. I toyed with a comic to link these two but found it felt forced, so I left it out. Looking back it may have detracted from the clarity of the comic.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

24 - Goblin Loan 1

The start of a backing plot that I have enjoyed writing; keeps the other plots lively.

I'm also very happy with how Remmy acts in this comic, the fourth panel particularly. Having a character who doesn't take things too seriously makes writing serious plot building dialogue that much more interesting.

I've also found that writing and photshopping these comics has become most efficient to do while waiting for the 1600 people queue to let me onto WoW. A good few hours there to burn.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

22 - Little Flashing Buttons

It took longer than it should have to get that flashing button for the fourth panel.

After having played around with the Goblin animations I feel like the Tauren have very few, particularly in this comic. There seems to be only one real shocked/shouting animation that looks good to use.

Also, like every trip to a capital in game, just when you're about to leave you remember something else to do and spend naother 10 minutes there.

As a closing note, I've uploaded this comic earlier just incase people are waiting in line for Cataclysm and need something to pass the time. As for me, I live in Australia and already picked up my copy this morning while I was out. It's sitting next to me, taunting me. A few more hours and it will actually have a use...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

21 - Girl Gamers

Always perceptive Lorgrokni.
This comic should set up a bit of Marley's story which I will come back to later, but the story will return to the main plot for the moment.

I'm not actually sure how far I intend to take this storyline with Marley. For the moment I think I'll keep it as a side joke until it feels right to expand on it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

20 - Pet Selection

I'm bringing back a little fo the small narratives with the pet, doing his own thing in each panel. They add a lot to the comic, I feel, but most in most cases I would rather the pet just not be there.

Also after having a look at petopia it looks like you can tame a monkey that carries a mining pick with it. Pet with a weapon... badass.