Sunday, July 24, 2011

89 - The art of Jumping

People are predictable. Put a random chance of something rewarding in a normal action and see that action spammed non-stop. Whoever decided to give Night Elves a random chance to do a front flip when jumping should have known what they were were starting.

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  1. Unfortunately, I had a similar experience last night. My brother and I were leveling alts, and we couldn't figure out how to cross the giant lava-filled trench. As we were running along the northern side, I looked at the map for just a second, but that little stretch of time was enough to get me to slip off the edge... I couldn't find any way back up, so I did something that I knew I might regret, and rode my poor raptor straight into the lava. The good part was that when you release your spirit, you are instantly taken to a graveyard on the southern side. Needless to say, my brother (after he had finished laughing at me) just did the same thing to get across. :P