Thursday, January 27, 2011

38 - Tanking Position Available

A mentality of players that always irked me. We wipe on a boss for the third time to the same mechanic (someone not moving or switching targets or whatever) and some dps is linking the damage meters putting the blame of the wipe on the person doing the least damage.
9 times out of 10 the guy linking the dps meters showing themselves at the top are the ones who don't move out of the fire or don't switch targets as it will 'ruin their damage rotation'.


  1. In my guild, if you won't move, you die. As one of the beloved healers put it, "I can't heal through stupid."

  2. Somehow Rhino reminds of Brucie from GTA4...

  3. Seriously I know how people feel about people and their damn dps meters. Sure its nice to know your doing some impressive dps but if it is sacrificing survivability in a raid encounter then its just pointless. You do 14k dps for about 10 seconds and then you die vs 10k dps for the entire battle. I think the 10k wins on damage done.