Thursday, January 20, 2011

36 - (Ancient) Greek

I must admit I did have to google some Rhino facts to come up with this punchline.

So Remmy's name has now been revealed. I got into the habit when I created my hunter of giving my pets old fashioned names (couldn't think of anything witty). Remmy's name came from this. I had a cat named Remington, an owl named Kingston, and a wolf named Tiberius.

I found it amusing at least in my own wierd little way.


  1. idk... have you seen the size of a greek nose?

  2. greek word for nose is meetee(or meehtee)

  3. Maybe it's ancient greek then.
    I must admit it was only a brief look up, but rhinoceros means rhino=nose, ceros=horn.

  4. Don't worry, you're right, it's the ancient greek word for nose and it's nowadays mostly used in medical terms (like nasal cavity) here in Greece. (And LOL, there truly are some big noses around here...)