Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 - Marksman

Sweet, 30th comic uploaded on the 30th of the month. Hope everyone has some good new years plans for tomorrow. I know I do.... and work at 8am on January 1st. I'll still enjoy myself despite that.

I must admit I felt like this when I started my hunter. I just wanted to shoot my bow and not worry about a pet. Luckily they brought in the wolf howl buff in Wrath which was the perfect pet for me. Don't have to worry about him at all, he'll just keep me buffed.


  1. Did you make an error? I'm pretty sure Lorgrokni is supposed to be asking Remmy "I just learnt to control my pet at the trainer. Does this mean I can demiss it?
    Also is Remmy a mage? He looks kind of like a mage of a shaman but I guess he could be any cloth class.

  2. ah good catch, and massive blunder on my part, fixing that now.

  3. Cool, fixed that error (Temporarily, I'll have to get a background screenshot in a few hours that matches the others), and a spelling mistake I missed in the last panel.
    I must have been half asleep when I finished this one.
    Also, yes, Remmy is a mage. The armour he's wearing is just a cloth robe from the barrens with a tribal theme.

  4. Having played a hunter for sooo long I can totally understand the feeling:)))though now, after some gaming experience I have to say the spec I love Most for leveling is definitely beast mastery.I've just grown so attached to my little silithid and t-rex friends^^