Friday, December 24, 2010

29 - Christmas Special 2

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wow, Largest Comic I've made so far. Hopefully the joke isn't lost to too much talking, but at least Remmy is there to poke fun at everything.

The bird is rummaging in the background through the presents and has its own little narrative in the background, but unfortunately I may have made it too small to see, unless someone tells you to specifically look for it...

Edit (26/12/10): Huh... I uploaded this comic on the 24th and made it a few days before hand. Lorgrokni's bird pet is being chased by a paper zepplin that popped out of one of the presents (I picked it at random when I went to Dalaran's toy shop).

Funny thing is that this year the in game item from the presents on Christmas day was a remote controlled zepplin. Sweet, that worked out conveniently.

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  1. haha i just love this goblin

    Merry Christmas Lorgrokni