Sunday, April 17, 2011

61 - Taking The Beach

I can't quite explain what motivated me to do the third panel, I just thought it would be funny if Rhino swung his axe at the water.

Also, monkeys on an island... well played Blizzard, making references to a game I loved as a kid.

Lastly, this comic was pre-done before the weekend as I have just gotten home today after a long Saturday at the Melbourne Modern Jive Dance Championships. I competed against some of the best Modern Jive dancers in Australia and had a lot of fun, however, I unfortunately came home without any trophies. Oh well, congratulations to all those who won, and also to those who got up and competed. I'll have to start training harder for the next competition :).


  1. Perhaps he thinks he's aggroing the water...

    Wow. I wish I could just dance, let alone Jive (I can only Jig). Fancy ballroom dancing always seems so complicated and charismatic (a 'dump' stat of mine XD ).
    You been Jiving long?

  2. I've been doing Modern Jive for close to 2 years now, which isn't that long compared to some of the people who compete.
    It's not to hard to pick up once you get started. Like anything it just takes a bit of practice and to enjoy doing it :).