Sunday, March 20, 2011

53 - 'Neutral' Town

Wow, this was a long comic to make. Besides being 11 panels long, there are 11 different characters too (I counted the guard and the corpse). Note to self: make a bigger Itunes playlist next time you make a comic this long.

Also, after completing this comic I decided to search for a Cataclysm version of model viewer to get the new armour models, so for future comics I can finally give characters current armour.


  1. I'm a Bloodsail-symphatizer, myself. I want to regrind some Gadgetzan repu tough. 'Cuz... Yaknow... I feel bad for the little green buggers dying of thirst and... Are they even dying of thirst recently? I wasn't there for a long time... Yaknowat nevermind, I'm gonna do it for Noggens:)

  2. Great comic Lorgrokni :) One thing though, it's 'Neutral' ;)

  3. Damn, I swear I ran that word through a spell checker because I thought it looked odd and it came up with that.
    You are right though, thanks, my spelling can be pretty terrible at times :)

  4. More than once I've had that same feeling of dreaded fear that Remmy shows in the last pa-comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!

    I still remember the first time I went to Booty Bay in my Main's PvE server, where there were also several rep grinders. While searching for the Horde flight master, I accidently left-clicked the Ally FM without seeing it was a Sword icon and not a Winged-Boot icon.

    Ten minutes later I managed to corpse run out to the Ratchet ferry XD