Sunday, February 20, 2011

45 - Navigator

When picturing how this comic should look I got a laugh as I pictured Remmy in the second panel smoking, leaning up against a wall listening to the others conversation, interrupting them to share the knowledge that will send them on their journey with a warning of his own mistakes on that very path, like so many clich├ęd characters in movies.

Then I realised there wasn't an animation to properly capture that image in my mind so I just chose the use animation...


  1. Had to comment!

    So far I've greatly enjoyed your comic, but this one is my favorite. The little pause on the fourth panel is a perfect snapshot of Rhino's character. Gold! Keep up the good work. =D

  2. Also loving your comic :D Thanks for bringing it to us!

  3. Thanks for your comments, it's good to know some people enjoy reading them as I really enjoy writing them :)

  4. Sure thing pal:) And thanks for not throwing Remmy away, I hate when major characters just disappear for some made-up reason. Again, Trolls Are Awesome, and so is your comic:)